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Operation Trident Zeus

2267, August 16th: In anticipation of Operation Retribution, the 3rd IOC is deployed ahead of the 1st Armada to soften ECF forces on the moon of Gliese, Halifax. There they intend to capture Captain Darrel Hopkins and his crew, who themselves are veteran Mechanoid pilots from the Battle for Terra. However, plans changed as the ECF were alerted of their presence by ECF sympathizers. Although many secondary HVT's were captured, Hopkins, Leona "The Anarchist" and the "White Knights" were all killed by the 3rd IOC given the conditions. Although they were unable to capture the primary HVT's, their deaths mean they will be unable to participate in the upcoming battle between the 1st Imperial Armada and the ECF naval force stationed in the Gliese system.

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