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One Way Trip

2267, August 12th: As the Battle of Savannah rages on, Disciple-Seven sneaks past enemy lines with the mission of assassinating the commander of the SE ground forces on Savannah, General Amalla Dhawan. As they approached the base hosting forces of the Third Scion Legion, the operatives took up positions perched high up on a mountain, miles away from their target. General Dhawan was scheduled to meet with his staff and subordinate officers. The General exited his quarters followed by his detail of Imperial Scion Guard; The Revenants of Disciple-Three had him on their sights. S.E.R Chief Director 'Admiral Carlson' gave the order, Disciple-Seven executed the shot at over 2.3 miles. The General's torso exploded into fragments as he was hit by an explosive round from an SSR-50. His remains were scattered across the tarmac as his fellow Scions stood in shock. Of course, Disciple-Seven knew it was never a mission they would return home from. Indeed, it was a suicide mission. The moment they fired the shot, Scion Empire sensors and drones picked up their location. Alarms alerted the entire base; Disciple-Seven was hunted by SE drones which were expert at tracking down cloaked operatives like Disciple-Seven. They were cornered as they attempted to retreat by pursuing SE dropships, loaded with Imperial Scion Guard; Until they were gunned down to the last man.

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