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Nuclear Detonation

2267, August 8th (8:30 AM): The 31st Mechanized Scion Guard Battalion engages the ECF terrorist forces with Archnoids Archangel & Morning Star. A fierce battle breaks out not far from the central hub of the economic district as the Scion Empire forces attempt to halt their approach. However, unbeknownst to the forces of the 31st MSGB, ECF Mechanoids were rigged for detonation on destruction. Before the ECF's Terran Martyr 1-3 could reach their destination, the 120th Mantis Company intercepted the Mechanoid. They were cornered and subsequently immobilized by repeated Mantis shelling before an AT Scion Guard delivered the killing blow to the Mechanoids power unit. A blinding ball of fire rose forth from the streets unleashing the power of a 100 kiloton nuclear warhead, setting anything and anyone ablaze in a 2.5-mile radius, and vaporizing those in its immediate vicinity. The ECF Mechanoid having been destroyed, unleashed its payload, prematurely detonating before reaching its desired target, the Central Hub, which still was 10 miles away. Casualties are estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

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