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No Mercy

2267, August 30th: The 5th Mobile Corps launches an assault on the HQ of the 37th Conscript Division, located just 87 miles north of Colony Arthur. With the aid of mercenaries, the ARM strategy involves the use of UT-53 Comanche Dropships "hot-drops" directly over the HQ. The ensuing fight is brutal and quickly becomes a battle for the air. Eventually however, the AR forces storm the compound and liquidate the 37th Conscript Division, who are no match for the seasoned watchdogs. Although the AR prohibits the killing of POW's the 5th Mobile Corps did not head those orders, every captive Scion of the 37th CD was executed; Having lost Artemis once already, the AR fighters were vehement of never letting it fall again, even if they had to break the laws of war.

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