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Nebulous Ambush

2267, June 14th: After 6 SEN (Scion Empire Navy) ships were lost in the failed invasion of Mara 9, AR double agents aboard the S.E.S Tiberius (attached to the 1st Imperial Armada) released encrypted radio beacons from the ships trash chute. This led the ARN (Amalgamate Republic Navy) 5th, 3rd, & 7th fleet to the center of the "Angelos Nebula" where the 1st Imperial Armada chose to regroup. What resulted was an ambush of SEN battle cruisers attempting to regroup with the armada. 14 SEN ships and 7 ARN ships were destroyed in the battle. With 10 SEN ships lost since the beginning of the war and now more 14 additional losses, Admiral Plutarch ordered a withdrawal of the armada (26/50 ships remaining) back to Imperial controlled space.

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