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Mysterious Savior

2267, September 1st [FLASHBACK]: A lone Orgur in the sands of Vone. Injured, dying. Saved only by the sandstorm. His brothers beside him slain by the forces of the Scion Empire and Al-Saheim combined. He makes a prayer to Atakar. A figure approaches and the Katari warrior prepares himself for death. The figure draws closer through the sandstorm, a cloth over his face, a black robe. But as the figure draws closer, he is unarmed. The Orgur, succumbing to his wounds, goes unconscious. The mysterious figure carries the limp body of the warrior through the desert to a cave. When the Orgur awakes, he is alone in the cave with a lit candle next to him lighting the wall. On the wall, there are religious images of human men and women painted. Above him, the image of a figure of a bearded man in a robe with a halo around his head looks down, his hand in an unfamiliar gesture. Suddenly, the Orgur is startled with a voice... but not just any voice... a telepathic voice. Yet, the voice is not one of Orgur, but of a man. The Orgur looks back down to see the mysterious, black robed man. "You are well? You are healed?". The Orgur, shocked, hearing and understanding the human voice communicating to him in his own language and means, remains silent. "He sent me. The Ancient One..." The mysterious figure points up to the painted image on the ceiling, looking down The Orgur responds "Atakar...."

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