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Mighty Armada

2267, September 13th: As the Sultan of Vone conducted his broadcasts, the Scion Empire scrambled to disable communication and media systems within their space. A media blackout of Vone ensues, few ever receive the message of the Sultan, as quantum communication networks are shutdown briefly. The Empire News Network reports that a solar flare from Cantare II, one of the two binary stars of the Vone sector, released a major solar flare, striking the planet, and triggering a disruptive domino effect of communication systems throughout the Scion Empire. ENN news anchors state that it is unknown how long Vone might be affected by the solar flare. Meanwhile, the Scion Imperial Navy and Army make their move on the rogue planet. The 1st Imperial Armada warps to Vone from Thalia, led by Admiral Plutarch, one of the premier Admirals of the Scion Empire, and commanding officer presiding over the first invasion of Artemis. Attached from the SIA is the 3rd Conscript Division, Thalia's Finest, and 3 other conscript divisions, the 15th, 17th, and 18th Conscript Divisions; Accompanied by the 7th & 10th Spaceborne Scion Guard and the 12th Spaceborne Pioneers. Among armored units are the 31st Mechanoid Company, the 12th Mantis Company, and the 45th Mechanized Scion Guard. Among air units, the 20th, 21st, and 22nd Griffin Squadrons, as well as the 45th & 47th Valkyrie Bomber squadrons. As the 1st Imperial Armada enters the Cantare System, they begin their encirclement and blockade of Vone. Being that the Al-Sahim have not yet been able to commandeer Scion Empire ships still on the surface of Vone, the 1st Imperial Armada holds space superiority. From orbit, the order is given to lock on to key Al-Sahim targets such with their space-based gamma-ray weapons. Several Al-Sahim military camps are annihilated in an instant, vaporizing thousands of new recruits who traveled across the galaxy to join Melek's forces. Shortly after the use of the gamma-ray weapons, the 1st Imperial Armada deployed their spaceborne and ground forces. The first objective was to take back New Chalcedon, the capital of Vone, from the hands of the treacherous Al-Sahim. Prior to ground forces landing within the city, the Scion Empire Airforce units softened target hardened objectives, to ease resistance for ground forces. Soon after, the 10th Spaceborne Scion Guard is dropped from orbit, making entry into Vone, and landing in New Chalcedon. From the ground, transports deploy the 3rd & 15th Conscript Division, the 45th Mechanized Scion Guard, the 31st Mechanoid Company, and the 12th Mantis Company. The Al-Sahim, whose specialty was guerilla warfare, is quickly caught in a dangerous situation, encircled from all angles in defense of a city. Many are cut down by Spaceborne Scion Guard drop pods as they descend over the city. The elite Scion Guard, behind enemy lines, dispatch numerous ill-trained and unprepared forces. Utilizing the urban layout of New Chalcedon, the Scion Guard employ urban guerilla tactics against the Al-Sahim, destroying lines of communication, supply routes, and making use of their extreme mobility to launch swift hit and run attacks. As the Al-Sahim is overwhelmed in New Chalcedon, with roaring Scion Empire jets overhead, and elite Scion Guard at their backs, the main ground force approaches from the east to lay siege to the city. Futile attempts by the Al-Sahim to reinforce their defenses are thwarted by Scion Empire orbital strikes. As the bulk of the Al-Sahim force is under attack in New Chalcedon, Aziz Melek, self-proclaimed Sultan of Vone, finds himself trapped in the city with nowhere to flee.

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