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Merrick Doss

2267, August 25th [FLASHBACK]: "You ain't catching me this time assholes!" Merrick Doss, a former SER agent gone rogue is hunted down by SER's Disciple 2 in a high risk operation to apprehend Doss, or neutralize him if necessary. Merrick Doss had been selling intel about SER's operations to the IDI, leading to the deaths of many AR personnel and SER operatives on Artemis. Disciple 2 was dispatched by Chief Director of SER, Admiral Carlson, to capture Merrick Doss. Disciple 2 was inserted via UT-54 Vampire Dropship HALO jump at 30,000 ft, where they then approached the town of Ato Creek where Doss was located. However, SER had intel that a group of mercenaries hired by the AR known as "Black-Swamp" were hired by Doss as his intel selling to the SE made him insanely rich. Doss then simply offered them more money, and as Mercs always do, they worked for the highest bidder. After being discovered within Ato Creek, disciple 2 went loud, causing Doss to escape. Disciple 2 then chased Doss in a 10km river where at the end Doss had abandoned his boat and entered a nearby powerplant. There, Disciple 2 neutralized the remaining security forces hired by Doss, before Doss emerged in an old ECF Terminator-1 Mechanoid. Lacking the firepower to destroy the Mechanoid, Disciple 2 improvised by using a nearby Point Defense Cannon from an abandoned outpost to destroy the Mechanoid, killing Merrick Doss.

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