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Men of Many Masks

2267, September 3rd: "It appears that we have failed Godfrey. It appears that we have fallen so far from what we were meant to become. When the first humans dared to venture to other stars, it was an age of enlightenment, of curiosity, of discovery. Look how we've squandered our inheritance with pointless wars. Do you think I'm a bastard for what I've done? I had no other choice. Mars was between a rock and a hard place. The Scion's have always been usurpers, I serve them only outwardly, but my heart belongs to the vision of a truly free human race, free to journey the stars without despots, tyrants, politicians, oligarchs, free from the dangers of government. I joined the Scion's to protect what was left of humanity, what was left of Mars; Because the ECF and Scion's were both devoid of reason. When the Earth burned I realized if humanity was ever to survive, we must do away with deranged leaders who lead us to ruin... If they ever learn the truth, they'd disembowel me and leave my remains to rot on the Martian soil; They'd scorch all of Mars. But I had to do it. I waited, I played the game. I dedicated my life to working behind the shadows, one of the men of many masks. It wasn't easy Godfrey, but you were there. You saw every play on the chess board, every pawn which was sacrificed. Twenty years Godfrey, twenty god damn years... And now, the house of cards begins to fall. The plan which was set in motion cannot be stopped; Soon chaos will engulf the systems and the masses will be disillusioned with their leaders, and we will be there to help them realize their future lies within their own hands. I never wanted to be a dictator, but I had to do it, it was the only way. May I be the last dictator in human history. If we are successful the future is bright, but should we fail, I fear a millennium of darkness will hold captive the human heart and mind."

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