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MDF Training Intensifies

2267, September 7th: On Mars, the MDF swell in number over the course of 2 weeks since the beginning of the recruitment effort announced by Governor Ryce. Thousands of new recruits undergo rigorous training at Fort Marineris located in the Valles Varineris of Mars. The Fort serves as the primary training ground and boot camp for MDF recruits. Many who are now 2 weeks into training maneuver through obstacles in full combat gear of the standard MDF Trooper, the backbone of the MDF. The top 5% who pass bootcamp at Fort Marineris enter a specialized screening and selection process to become MDF Commandos. After successfully passing bootcamp on Mars, the Troopers enter the schools of their specializations and a mandatory extreme environment training program, which sees them drill on Titan, Europa, Io, and space. Once a Trooper completes all phases of their training, they are transferred to one of the many operating zones under MDF jurisdiction to provide security, anti-piracy operations, and order-maintenance.

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