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2267, September 9th: The occasional echo of wood thwacking together fills the hall outside the sparring gym onboard the Hyperion en route to Ezutania. Kiselev, one of the many security officers stationed onboard and currently standing guard by the automatic door leading into the gym, could not help but occasionally wince as he heard the training spears strike against each other with enough force to make an audible snap. "Merciless..." Kieslev mumbled quietly to himself, the ferocity of the Khan even against the lone trainee palpable, as if demanding an equal response each time, encouraging an intensity to the ongoing battle. Each powerful strike only drove him further, enough to concern Kiselev. Though just as he turned his head and motioned his hand towards the door panel to intervene, he paused as he heard the loud slam of the end of a spear against the flooring, and then the Khan spoke. "You are strong!" He boomed, an air of approval, only for him to speak again after a short pause, with sincerity and calm in contrast. "But... you are also conflicted and that holds you back. Do not believe that I am disappointed, I am not... I am concerned. Do not mistake my aggression as frustration, it is my desire to see you grow." Kiselev pulled his hand away from the panel as he stood there, listening intently through the door as he returns his hand to the foregrip of the AR-12 compact rifle he held against his chest. "You are still young, and it would not bring me peace knowing that you fell before you had reached your potential." Another pause, the Khan taking but a moment to consider his next words with care before he spoke with clarity. (edited) "Strength, is not inflicting pain. Nor is it the sickening act of feeding off the pain of others. There is no pride to be had in harming another. Strength is the ability to continue on even when your body begins to fail and you're breathless, strength... is doing better than you believe you can be, as a person." The audible clang of the Khans gauntlet against his chest guard reverberated throughout the room and escaped through the crack under the door. "I have committed murder, atrocities in you fathers name Elric. And I have a duty to atone for everything I have done, I cannot allow the family I've lost to look down at me in shame from their graves, and I can only hope they found peace when I changed my path. I cannot allow it to be in vain, Elric." An audible sigh escaped the Khans chest, taking a moment to collect himself. "So... child of Mars, child of the Emperor, brother of mine, I vow here and now that I will give my life to protect yours, and I will teach you everything I know so that you will never repeat my mistakes. You are kindhearted, never lose that part of yourself, listen to your gut, and above all else retain your integrity as a man. Courage and Honor, never forget that, but know that you can only ever extend a hand so far till you are bitten, people will try and take advantage of your mercy." A moment of serene quiet fills the air after the Khan speaks, Kiselev in awe at the carefully chosen words of his brother Khan and only able to envision the expressions of both men as they stare down each other. Then, just as it seems the conversation is finished the son of Balthazar, Elric, raises his voice to speak. "Khan?-" It was cut short; the shuffling of heavy armor audible as one moves into a fighting stance. "Do not speak, not yet. We can talk over supper, for now... let's stop talking and spar a little longer. I want to see what drives the son of the Emperor. Raise your blade! And do not hold back, I've suffered worse so worry not."

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