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Martian Reunion

2267, September 6th: As Khan returned to Olympus Mons with Elric and the SSD, they were greeted by Governor Bolton Ryce and Brandon Watts. Prior to the salvaging operation of Ark-One, Watts was selected among a pool of secret prospects to become the new handler of the SSD and was subsequently promoted to Warden - As Warden he would insure the political goals of the revolution were fulfilled. Governor Ryce and Watts introduce themselves to Elric; "It's a pleasure to meet you son," Governor Ryce said sincerely, grabbing him by the hand and giving him a firm shake. "I know a lot about you Elric..there's a lot we need to discuss." Ryce looked over to Khan and spoke, "Well done Khan." Khan nodded in acknowledgement. Elric could sense something bigger at play and inquired of the Governor, asking him what he wanted from him and why he wanted to see him. Ryce replied with honesty. "I've served your father for over 20 the Governor of Mars my number one goal has been the survival and continued protection of my people. I know your Father, Elric, and I know what he turned you into. A weapon for his own machinations...I know what he asked you to do, to destroy Gliese, and I know that you refused. That's why you came back here, to Mars, because it's in your blood, Mars is your home. You were born on Mars Elric...that makes you a Martian, under Martian legal jurisdiction, that makes you my brother, that makes you our brother, you are a citizen of Mars" Ryce said gesturing to the surrounding men in the room, who were all Martian warriors. "If you wish to leave Elric, we won't stop you, but if you stay, your life will change forever, it's up to you," Ryce concluded. Elric pondered for a moment as the rest of the SSD began to process the acquired intel from Ark-One. Khan looked at Elric and told him, "No one will hurt you here, you have my word." Watts added, "You like food kid? Cause Martians make some damn fine cuisine." Tired and hungry, Elric accepted.

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