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Martian Militarization

2267, August 25th: From the Capitol of Mars in the heart of the Olympus Colony, the Martian capital city, Governor Bolton Ryce delivers an emergency address to the Martian people. In this statement he addresses his concerns about the longevity of the Scion Empire. He states that with the recent Awakened occupation of Vone and the destruction of Gliese, the future of the Scion Empire seems uncertain. How this will affect the Martians is "unknown" according to the Governor. However, he harkens back to the Martian Protectorate Act of 2247 and the clause which would allow Mars to declare complete sovereignty at a future appointed time in exchange for its loyalty and service to the Scions during the Battle for Terra. According to the negotiated conditions, Mars may leave the Scion Empire should the Empire face an "existential threat". Using this point, Bolton Ryce states that he "does not want to withdraw" from the Scion Empire, but that he "would not hesitate to invoke the act" if Mars in any way shape or form is threatened. After the raid on Mars by SER against the SE's Ark One facility, many Martians have felt caught in the crossfire of the war. With the Awakened on one flank of the Scion Empire and the Amalgamate Republic on the other, it's only a matter of time before Mars is affected. Thus, he closes his address announcing highest combat alert readiness for the Martian Defense Force and a round of unprecedented planet wide military drills

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