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Martian Interests Abroad

2267, September 7th [FLASHBACK]: "Eat up kid", Watts said as he gestured to the pile of pancakes, corn cakes, chicken legs, pasta, and Texas-style baked beans on the table. The trio were in central plaza of the Olympus Mons colony, a political and cultural hub of the colony, offering exquisite Martian cuisine, music, and entertainment, alongside the megalithic structures of the Martian political establishment. Elric inhaled the food with a ferocious appetite, being on the run for several weeks with little supplies left him starving. After enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet at Jimmy's Martian Dinner, Khan, Watts, and Elric headed to meet Governor Ryce at the Martian Capitol building. At the Capitol building they were greeted by Ryce's personal bodyguards, which escorted them to a secret deep underground facility beneath the Capitol, the "Nucleus Complex". There, Ryce embraced Elric with a hug telling him, "You made the right choice son, glad to have you on our side." The briefing commenced and Ryce instructed Watts to prepare Khan, Elric, and the SSD for a special operation on Ezutania. On Ezutania, the ECF have been attempting to establish colonies and provide humanitarian aid to the settlers which are planet-side. However, they've encountered what are known as the Archons, which have conducted raids against the settlers, killing and "corrupting" many. Governor General Thomas Horn has promised Mars a hefty stockpile of Zyther 226 as a reward for their humanitarian operation to destroy Archonic conduits. Ryce points out that this is Elric's chance to undo the wrongs of his sister and Father, to put humanities differences aside, and to fight the Archons with the weapon that can hurt them the most, the Archangel. Elric, seeing the opportunity to help people and fight the Archons, accepts. Elric, Khan, and Watts prepare the Hyperion, an SSD stealth cruiser, with supplies. The Archangel is loaded, and they head to Ezutania.

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