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Mars Melting

2267, August 19th: Seismic activity continues in the northern polar ice cap of Mars - Survey teams note that that ice is melting at an unprecedented rate, the source of which is unknown. The first site, dubbed "Atlantis I" was since re-secured by QRF. Two more Firstborn cities begin to emerge from the thaw, Atlantis II and Atlantis III. Martian Governor Bolton Ryce declares a state of emergency, as subsequent flooding reaches many colonies and agriculture centers in the north, reaching only a few feet in height, but enough to halt Martian terraforming operations for some time. As the Martian Colonies move to conserve vital resources, scientists on Mars propose taking advantage of the situation. The gradual melting of water would provide a vital source of power and plans for the construction of Hydroelectric dams are forwarded to the Governor. He approves the plans which not only would provide Martians with a vast source of water, but power and oxygen too.

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