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Mankind United

2267, September 13th: After searching and destroying numerous SBH elements and outposts throughout Ezutania, the coalition force between the SER, ECF, and MDF discover the the true intent and purpose of the Solar Blood Hands presence on the newly colonized world from a dark priest, interrogated by the Khan. He taunted the warriors, speaking of the rise of the overlords, yelling in a fanatic frenzy how soon they would harvest the galaxy and all their souls. Tortured to near death for answers, they learn that the intent of the Archons on Ezutania is to "consume" the worlds Zyther 226 supply in order to restore functionality to the "Dynamo"; An ancient Archonic super structure created at the peak of their rule millions of years ago, through the use of Firstborn technology and human slaves. Not long after, using what intelligence they had gathered, Elric's reconnaissance mission in the Archangel yielded results. He was able to triangulate the location of a Archon Conduit formation hundreds of miles from the ECF sweetwater colony, in a remote inlet leading into one of Ezutania's largest oceans. A large storm surrounded the area and water spouts rose half a mile high, as the Archonic machines extracted Zyther 226 from the bottom of the sea. With the new information, Khan, General Horn, and Dobri all agree to launch a decisive raid on the Archon base. The ground force would attack the bridges connecting the conduits, while Elric would take to the skies and engage the Archon Drones and Conduits harvesting Zyther. On the bridge, Samson Khan led the ground team, with his halberd he cut down the traitors to humanity. Members of the ECF Viking Battalion, Disciple 2, and the Special Service Division followed closely behind, providing cover. From the central Conduit, emerged a Lesser Archon, who ordered his minions into the fray. Thunder raged in the skies as the mist thickened. The Solar Blood Hands would fall one by one by the hands of the ground team as Elric blasted the Drones and Conduits out of the sky with the Archangel.

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