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Malbas Vakus

2267, August 29th: MDF veteran and Monitor of the Grand Scions Joint Command, Malbas Vakus, has been assigned to hunt down members of Eden's Outlaws, a drug smuggling cartel associated with the Solar Blood Hands. These outlaws have been a source of income through organized criminal partnerships for the Solar Blood Hands. IDI sources have uncovered a drug trafficking corridor of illicit drugs, manufactured by the Solar Blood Hands, and smuggled by Eden's Outlaws through out the Amalgamate Republic and Scion Empire; Originating from Zeta Station. The main drug of concern is known as Blaze, a combination of DOC and Methamphetamine. These drugs have been used recreationally by a small group of Scion citizens, which the Grand Scions Joint Command has labeled a threat to national security. Furthermore, in some instances it has been reported that Blaze is used in Solar Blood Hand rituals to "convert" the "seekers". With the growing Solar Blood Hand presence and threat in the Galaxy, it is imperative that allies and sources of income for the Solar Blood Hand's be dismantled first, before striking at the heart of the terrorist organization.

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