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Lead Conspirator, Dorgan Gunn.

2267, August 8th (9:00 AM): Prime Minister Taron Gerard denounces former Commander Dorgan "Doc" Gun of the 103rd Regiment of Militia as a war criminal for his involvement as the lead conspirator in the nuclear terror attack on Scion Prime. Furthermore, using emergency executive power, the Prime Minister has formally declared war against the ECF; The AR Senate on Denov is expected to vote in assent. PM Taron Gerard releases a statement. "This heinous attack on the innocent people of Scion Prime does not represent the values of the Amalgamate Republic. We believe in freedom, liberty, justice, and the greater good! Not these actions of inhumane barbarism! Effective today, I as Prime Minister vow a swift military response against the ECF and all conspirators involved with the attack."

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