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Kujan 31

2267, June 17th: For several weeks the I.D.I have been tracking cargo vessels travelling to an asteroid field in the Lyra system. Preliminary reconnaissance suggests that a large asteroid charted as "Kujan 31" may have been hallowed out and turned into a secret AR facility. Quantum fluctuations emanating from the asteroid indicate a quantum relay site may be sending out signals to tethered relays across the galaxy. This technology of quantum communication is still experimental and few applications for it exist. However, sufficient evidence from interrogated Atlas Corporation operatives indicate warbots are tethered to Q-relays linked to the facility on Kujan 31. The Emperor has reason to believe this may be the housing facility of the Athena Command AI. What's more since the AR combined their fleets to assault the 1st Armada, AR patrols over the last few days have been fewer in number in the Lyra System. Thus, Admiral Plutarch and his staff off high-ranking officers formulate a plan to launch a frontal assault on the facility. (edited)

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