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Killer Clone

2267, August 29th: A week after Dorgan Gunn's body was selected for the Human Reconstitution Project, his clone escapes the "SER: Genome Facility" on Joss. After being activated for the first time, the clone broke loose from his shackles, tying him down to the bed. He strangled Dr. Briar Simon and killed several other research assistants at the facility. After breaking out from the underground portion of the facility, the clone went on to kill several security guards on the surface, before climbing and vaulting over the facility walls, and wandering off into the vast Icey fields of Joss. Once news reached Senator Michael Giordana and Prime Minister Taron Gerard that the clone had escaped, Admiral Carlson was ordered to terminate the top secret SER project. Although previously Giordana and Gerard had disagreements over Gunn's involvement in the nuclear attack on Scion Prime, they had a bipartisan agreement to neutralize Gunn's clone before he could kill anymore AR personnel; As at this time, it was unknown if the memory implant on the clone had failed. High command is informed of the kill or capture order placed on the clone - AR media broadcasts official news from the ARM that Dorgan Gunn is now a wanted criminal for treason, is armed and dangerous, and should be reported if spotted to the proper authorities. Of course, the civilian population was unaware this wasn't really Dorgan Gunn, but his clone.

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