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2267, September 7th: As soon as the Patriarch of Scion Prime "Ezekiel Ibrahim" arrived on Vone at the behest of the Emperor to calm tensions with the local tribes, the Al-Saheim erupt in protest. They see the arrival of a prominent Christian leader as an insult after their communities have been suppressed by Atlas Corporation mercenaries. Under their Mahdi, the Al-Saheim's power and reputation grows. Thousands of faithful followers across the galaxy come to swear fealty to Aziz Melek. Many more convert to Islam, as the sign of his great victory against the Orgur proves his divine right to rule. Imam's far and wide flock to Vone, bringing their students to learn the ways of Melek. As a warning to the Emperor, Melek declares that if the Atlas Corporation does not withdraw from Vone within 24 hours, that jihad will be declared against them for their unrighteous stifling of Islam and violent suppression of their communities. Over one hundred thousand Al-Saheim warriors prepare for battle. The Scion Empire forces who are still recovering from the Katari Clan invasion of Vone are in no condition to intervene and thus are ordered to stand down; Only to use deadly force if they are attacked by the Al-Saheim. Payton Tobias, the AC board member appointed by Mr. Handan to retain control of Vone and maintain order, refuses to give in to the demands of Melek. Desiring to not disappoint his boss, Tobias orders an immediate transfer of one thousand Atlas Corporation Gen 2 Warbots to Vone.

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