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2267, August 13th: [Flashback] The Emperor meets with Patriarch Elias V of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem before departing with the 1st Imperial Armada for his campaign against the ECF. Jerusalem is one of the last cities on Earth which was spared from the nuclear holocaust of the Battle for Terra. Some say it was an act of God that none of the nuclear weapons intended for Jerusalem ever reached the city. Although the inhabitants suffer the effects of nuclear winter like the rest of the Terrans, the Jewish people of Israel and many Orthodox Christians call this place to this day, the Holy Land, and refuse to leave. Balthazar, who he himself is of Jewish descent, meets with the chief elders of the Judeo-Christian religions in one of the holiest cities left standing on Earth, which also represents the remainder of the Muslims spread out across the galaxy. After receiving religious guidance from the spiritual leaders of humanity, the Scion Emperor embarks on his mission to put an end to the ECF.

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