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Jack Woke

2267, September 8th: In the Imperial Palace halls, Duntana lays against one of the colossal pillars supporting its ceiling. She sits pondering of Elric, wondering about his future and safety, and their place in the cosmos. She wonders about her father and the visions she had about those who would try to kill him. But as she processes these thoughts, she's interrupted by a familiar voice. "Troubled kiddo?" the man speaks gently. Duntana wasn't startled, she heard him approaching. "Just thinking Jack, wondering about it all. The meaning of life and my purpose." The man who she called Jack, was none other than Jack Woke. He has been the Emperor's life long bodyguard. Some say that if the Emperor was in his youth, he would even best the Emperor in martial combat. Jack Woke was renowned for many things known and unknown such as the raid on the Greenland Stronghold and the assassination of Andre Bakirtzis, the founder of the Independent Colonies Movement. Prior to his retainment as the Emperor's bodyguard, Jack Woke was an infamous assassin during the reign of the ECF. Some say his kill count is in the thousands. He is responsible for numerous heists, raids, and slayings of ECF officials which garnered him the reputation of a complete outlaw. However to the people, he was like a Robin Hood figure; That which he took from the ECF he gave back to the people and the Scions of Earth, to fund their military junta. A great friend and confidant of the Emperor, Jack Woke now serves to protect the Emperor and his family. None other than the most notorious assassin history could have the job of keeping the Emperor and his children safe from harm.

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