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Invasion of Northam

2267, July 18th: 26 hours after the raid on Northom by the ARAF, 26 blips appear on radar above Scion Delta. Within an hour after detection SE orbital defenses were neutralized. 20 AR frigates and 6 transports commence a planetary incursion and launch their attack against Northom with the intent of occupying the city. The ships, belonging to the AR's 5th Fleet (accompanied by elements of the 3rd & 1st Fleets) make quick work of SE defenses. The 1st-10th Denov Brigade(s) spearhead the attack while the 103rd Regiment of Militia which has been leading the insurgency on Scion Delta for nearly a month, disrupts SE QRF with the aid of local militia fighters. Grand Scion Kuichi Bushida has been ordered by the Emperor to lead the 2nd & 3rd Imperial Armadas dubbed "Steel Stars Naval Force", a total of 100 ships, to launch a counterattack, while the 1st Imperial Armada is to remain on Scion Prime replenishing it's strength. The First & Third Scion Legion, which include units like the 10th Scion Guard Expeditionary Unit, have been selected to join the SSNF in their counter attack against the Amalgamate Republic. This marks the second time AR forces have launched a major attack against the Inner Colonies.

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