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Into the Event Horizon

2267, August 27th: Disciple 2 of the S.E.R, led by Sgt. Dobri Sankovich, are ordered on a snap reconnaissance mission to Savannah after the AR lost contact with the 7th fleet in the Savannah sector. Although battlefield reports indicated that the 7th Fleet was conducting hit-and-run operations against the 3rd Imperial Armada, no order was made to directly engage the armada in open battle. To make matters worse, hundreds of civilian transport shuttles which managed to evacuate Savannah are missing and never arrived to Denov, save for one, the I.S.S Leipzig, a civilian star liner which arrived completely vacant and empty of its passengers; A strange occurrence to say the least. Disciple 2's mission is to ascertain the whereabouts of the 7th fleet and the condition of the AR on Savannah.

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