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Internal Coup

2267, September 12th: Sector of Espionage and Reconnaissance Agents perform multiple raids against high-ranking members of the Amalgamate Republic political and military establishment under orders of the incumbent PM, George Williams, for suspicion in involvement of the assassination of late PM Taron Gerard. Through his wartime powers, George Williams signs Executive Bill 078, granting the ARM and the illusive SER powers to investigate and apprehend suspected conspirators of the assassination. Among the high-ranking members detained, are notable members of the AR's Socialist Party, including Socialist Party Majority Leader Linda Johnson. Citizens affiliated with the Socialist Party are further enraged, sparking more riots and violent protests mere days after the last riots triggered on Denov by the revealing of Taron Gerard's involvement in state sponsored terrorism against Scion Prime. However, all was going to plan according to Chief Director of the SER, Admiral Carlson, who sought to pin the blame on the Socialist Party, in order to cover the tracks of his coup. With Michael Giordana and the Nationalist Populist Party firmly aligned with Admiral Carlson, the Socialist Party enters its death throes; Giving more power to the NPP and thus allowing more private and corporate interests to take control of national assets, especially resources on Ezutania. But as the political crisis unfolds, the Independent Colonies Party, party of late PM Taron Gerard, recluses itself, sensing a plot against the union that is the Amalgamate Republic. Hence, ICP majority leader Senator Dominick Cassio has fled Denov, into the recesses of space where he intends to gather with political and military allies.

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