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Incursion Day

2267, August 20th:"Incursion Day" Code-White signals are broadcasted from every major SE military base and city on Vone. Governor of Vone, Ataka Vasiliadis, forwards an urgent message to the Grand Scions Joint Command. "Vone is under attack by an Extraterrestrial force. Preliminary intelligence indicates a highly advanced species, highly mobile, and superior capabilities in combat. At 5824 hours Vone time, the VODCB (Vone Orbital Defense Cannon Belt) was disabled. Subsequent hostile alien forces deployed directly into our bases and cities and vastly outnumbered our forces, estimates suggest by 8:1. This force appears to be responsible for the disappearance of the S.E.S Trident and her fellow patrol group. Furthermore, reports suggest a large space faring fleet is now in orbit around Vone, estimated size is approx. 1000 ships. I urgently request the entirety of the Scion Empire's military capabilities to respond to this incursion; The Scion Emperor must bring his forces here NOW; humanity and our great Empire is at stake."

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