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In the Dark

2267, August 5th: The 3rd Imperial Operations Command is deployed on Artemis where recent bombings have drawn attention to the remnant insurgent forces operating in the hostile wilderness. The forward reconnaissance team responsible for the gathering of data on insurgent camps went missing after their ship crash-landed in the dense jungles of Artemis. The 3rdIOC tracked their distress beacon to a nearby cave, which turned out to be the hive of a brood of ferocious Sijak's; Dangerous and carnivorous predators of the alien planet. The team managed to navigate the cave despite repeated attacks from the aggressive creatures and eventually found the corpse of Pvt. Gendrick Ham, who on his body had the data pertaining to the location of the camps. After acquiring the data and confirming the authenticity of the intel with Command, the 3rd IOC exited the cave system and moved to the coordinates of the rebel camp where they engaged Amalgamate Republic Watchdogs in a heated firefight. Although the team sustained several wounded, no one was killed. In total 20 Watchdog's were killed and 1 Intelligence Officer of the Amalgamate Republic was taken prisoner.

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