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2267, August 8th (10:40 AM): After days of searching for the Iron Enclave, Atlas Corporation operatives of Inferno Team, locate their hideout on Bantu IV. After gathering intelligence that Dorgan Gunn was captured, Inferno Team used that to leverage Gunn as bait. Atlas Corporation waged a relentless misinformation campaign, sending fake broadcasts that Dorgan Gunn was soon to be executed. Knowing the history of Sentient Specter and Dorgan Gunn as great allies in their mutual mission to destroy the Scion Empire, Inferno Team waited silently for the inevitable rescue; Atlas Corporation was even capable of bribing the warden to lower security on that particular day. After IDI team Omega Dawn began their pursuit, Inferno Team soon followed behind. Once in the Joss System, Inferno team, using a state-of-the-art electronic war-fare stealth corvette, deployed a targeted EMP, halting the progress of Omega Dawn. Once the Iron Enclave noticed they were no longer being chased, they felt safe enough to dock at their base. Unbeknownst to them, Inferno Team was following close behind in their stealth corvette "Mr. Handan, we've located the Iron Enclave."

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