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Human Reconstitution Project

2267, August 22nd: After retrieval of Commander Dorgan Gunn's body by Disciple 2, Admiral Carlson, Chief Direction of SER extracted the team with the A.R.N "Liberator" near Saturn. High in orbit around the gas giant. Disciple 2 was greeted by Admiral Carlson and a very familiar face in the political arena, Senator Michael Giordana. The Senator thanked Disciple 2 for their hard work in retrieving Gunn but remarked that "This hero will live on to fight another day." Upon inquiry by Disciple 2 of what Giordana meant, Admiral Carlson replied that it was "above top secret," even for them. Giordana had selected Dorgan Gunn as the first human to undergo the classified procedures of the Human Reconstitution Project; A project using cryo-cloning methods and a state-of-the-art AI known as "Yankee". For the last several months, the Human Reconstitution Project had been collecting personal, social, biological, and combat data from some of the best AR operatives. The AI had learned to act, talk, think, and move like subjects in simulated environments. Potential candidates were brain scanned for brain wave activity; in order to mimic the individual's frequency during different states of awareness. Everything that could possibly make Dorgan Gunn was catalogued by Yankee. Using Cryo-Cloning, a new brain and body of the same genetic makeup as Gunn was fabricated, using dissected samples from the former Dorgan Gunn. Cryo-Clones are enhanced with nanotechnology to speed up their growth as well as provide sensory stimulation/training through Yankee; Cryo-cloning remakes Gunn's physiology, while nanobots and Yankee feed the new brain memories and data of the old Gunn. The end product is for all intents and purposes, a copy of Dorgan Gunn.. Giordana and his constituents of the Nation Populist Party hope to use the Human Reconstitution Project as psychological propaganda against the Scion Empire by instilling fear, confusion, and dread with the ghosts of the dead.

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