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Hoshi-San Strikes

2267, August 31st: Samurai Hoshi-san launches the raid against Takeshi's private space station, the "Ryu (竜)". They approached the station under the guise of merchant vessels seeking to sell-off Zyther on the black market. Takeshi's forces believed the ruse and allowed the merchant vessels within the space station. Once the sabotage team entered the station, they shut off the power, affecting magnetic anchoring systems and centripetal forces providing artificial gravity to the Ryu. Then the raiding party breached through the air locks of the station. As they cleared the station, they captured and killed many of Takeshi's henchmen; Some of the Mercs find intel indicating Takeshi is working with the Solar Blood Hands. Finally, Hoshi-san, having led the Sabotage team, planted semtex explosives on the nuclear reactor powering the Ryu. He completes his mission and orders his men to exfill back to their Atlas Corporation cruiser. From the safety of the ship, Hoshi-san touches off the explosives and watches the obliteration of the Ryu. Hundreds of unsuspecting merchants, spacers, and workers aboard the station perish.

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