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Harvest Festival

2267, September 6th: In the vast halls of the Imperial Palace, Balthazar and his daughter, Duntana, make their way to the Harvest Ball. The Harvest festival is celebrated across all of Scion Empire space on this day, as a sacred holiday, marking when Thalia's abundant swathes of farmlands are harvested for their produce, which feeds the Empire. Waiting for them at the Harvest Ball are exquisite meals and lavishly ordained tables, as well as the Emperor's honored guests. Among them are many reputable Scions in society, including the Grand Scions and their families. But as Balthazar and Duntana make their way through the Imperial halls, Balthazar can see that she is troubled, the expression on her face said it all. He knows she is heartbroken over Elric's disappearance and worried sick him about him. He stops mid way through the hall and places his hand on her shoulder, "The boy is resourceful, don't you worry my child; He is out there and when we find him, we will bring him home." Duntana looked up to her father and gave him a hug, and at that very moment, she received a vision. A man in a watch tower, a sniper, and a parade in the Imperial District...she senses her father is in danger, she senses a traitor, the vision ends. Balthazar snaps her back to reality, "What is it my child? You look like you've seen a ghost." Duntana, looks down, "Another vision..." she says, "It's about you father...I sense someone is conspiring to kill you, someone close to you.." Balthazar ponders for a moment, "It wouldn't be the first time a man tries to kill me," he says reassuringly to Duntana. He continues, "But a man close to me...that is a cause for concern. The dimensions and spirits are complex, time is like clockwork, and destiny is like a blackhole, once you reach its event horizon, you can't escape it. I remember when I had my visions on Vone...before the Battle for Terra. You have been given the vision daughter and only you can act upon it".

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