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Handan Acquires Atlas Corporation

2267, July 19th: Renowned business magnate, Ouzan Handan, owner of Handan Enterprises (a multi-trillion credit umbrella Enterprise specialized in terra-forming & space mining operations dating back to the ECF era) purchases the Atlas Corporation from the Board of Directors. CEO McConnell steps down as per the agreement, in which Mr. Handan will take over the vacancy. The Board of Directors will retain a 55% stake of future profits; however, Mr. Handan will gain 100% ownership of Atlas Corporation as both owner and CEO. The Board of Directors have agreed to take a more advisory role under the leadership of Mr. Handan who envisions a future for humanity where the "horizons of tomorrow, are today." Mr. Handan's wealth dates back to the early colonization period of human space exploration. His ancestor's corporation "Star-Net" founded in Japan in 2087 A.D, became a major player in interstellar telecommunications, raking in billions annually. Because of Star-Net, Japan became a major player in space colonization and a key member state of the ECF. Almost 200 years later, the Handan family continues to build their wealth through ventures. They have earned the nickname among humanity, as the "Handan Dynasty".

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