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Growing Suspicion

2267, September 4th: Atlas Corporation and their subsidiary Cyrus Tech, are contracted by the Scion Empire to re-establish order and security on Vone after the recent Orgur incursion. AC Board member Payton Tobias is personally appointed by Mr. Handan to oversee the operations on Vone. According to Scion Empire officials, rumors swirl among the population that the Al-Saheim's supposed "Mahdi's" power is growing. Thus, Atlas Corporation mercenaries have been appointed to suppress Al-Saheim communities from organizing. However, the Al-Saheim are cunning and have found ways to circumvent both Scion Empire IDI officials and the AC patrols. Aziz Melek soon senses that the Scion Empire may being growing suspicious from his recently gained religious title, consequently gaining him many Muslim followers across the galaxy that support his claim. In order to ease tensions, Balthazar sends the Patriarch of Scion Prime in a show of unity. Atlas Corporation must ensure the peace holds until he arrives.

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