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Ghoul Detained

2267, August 30th: Agent Ghoul arrives at the Olympus Mons Colony. As he exits through gate 3B of the Olympus Mons Space Port, he is intercepted by the MDF. Caldon Urk is dispatched to apprehend Ghoul on his arrest warrant issued by the Grand Scions Joint Command for his absence without leave. Ghoul, unsurprised, tells the MDF Commandos assigned to the Port of Entry Customs & Protection Services to "hurry up and get it over with". Urk proceeds to detain Ghoul. With a thick Russian accent, Urk tells Ghoul "You, big trouble." Ghoul is brought to the Capitol District of the Olympus Mons colony where he is held at the MDF headquarters until IDI liaisons can extradite him to Scion Prime.

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