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Final Stand

2267, August 28th: Alone atop Mount Kerson, the 13th Imperial Scarab Company has been tasked with defending a key quantum communication relay sight; One of the last functioning devices of its kind on Savannah unaffected by the geomagentic storms. As acting CO, Lt. Merick orders the remainder of the 13th ISC to defend the perimeter at all costs. The valiant Scarabs held wave after wave against the Solar Blood Hand minions. Takeshi Handan's G1 Androids joined the zealots in the assault. The Scion Guards held them off, destroying their enemy one by one. A lone Scion Imperial Cruiser assisted to buy them time. The S.E.S Spirit of Scion, charged the Archon Conduit ships, blasting them with kinetic rail gun rounds, before it was struck with a bolt of super-heated plasma, sending the ship and its courageous crew careening into the ground. Then, the Archons themselves intervened, noticing the superiority of this particular group of humans. The Lesser Archon warriors emerged from their ships, descending down into the battle. The weapons of the 13th ISC were no match, and they were swiftly cut down. As the Archons approached the command hub of the communication site, the brothers in arms prepared to make their final stand, surrounded by the forces of the Abyss. Whatever message Lt. Merick had planned to transmit, was never received...

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