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Experimental Subjects

2267, September 3rd: Elements of the ICM still within Scion Empire territory start a riot within the slums of Antaroid City. Many of these rioters had participated in the guerilla uprising triggered by the Amalgamate Republic's invasion of Scion Delta. As the Scion Empire cracks down on these dissenters, rumors swirl that they are being "disappeared" and shipped off to "camps". These camps are supposedly guarded by the IDI and Imperial Scion Guard, suggesting a top-secret operation and importance to these facilities. SER agents allocate intel that Project Hercules has made significant advancements since the outbreak on Ritov; Ironically, the outbreak was exactly what scientists needed to finalize their research on "biometagenesis". The SER report indicates that Project Hercules will soon be "completed" and that enemies of the state are the prime subjects for the final experiment.

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