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2267, September 4th: On Dur'Vanan the assembly of the Ancient Council meets. The Lorm recluses herself from the decision-making process but guides the 7 chief elders with her mighty wisdom in coming to a ruling. She believes although Shakaten Tuqolka violated the sacred oath, his reasoning that the oath was faulty was morally true; He intervened to prevent further exploitation of Firstborn technology which was necessary. However, despite this, revealing the Orgur to humanity was a great tragedy that endangered the balance of nature in the galaxy. The 7 chief elders of the 7 Orgur clans agreed, Shakaten and the Katari Clan were to be exiled, never again to set foot upon Dur'Vanan or Ashma. Furthermore, the 5 other clans gave Yargu Vak'un, Chief of the Shari Clan directive and power to restore "the balance of nature". They would follow Yargu's lead on his new quest, a new purge, not seen since the last Great Purge against the Firstborn millions of years ago. The Katari Clan receives guidance and wisdom from the Lorm mother one final time, before they are ordered to leave. She blesses them, "May Atakar guide you." As Shakaten and his Katari Clan are ousted from Dur'Vanan and ran out by the Shari, they take their final steps on their home world. Free from the shackles of the sacred oath, Shakaten could lead the Katari Clan wherever he pleased. As he gazed one last time upon Dur'Vanan, he swore he would stop at nothing to prevent Yargu and his purge of human civilization.

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