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Emperor's Fury

2267, August 23rd: In response to the public announcement by PM Taron Gerard addressing the destruction of Gliese, the disclosure of the Firstborn civilization, and the alliance with the Orgur, Emperor Balthazar releases a public statement from aboard the Imperator to be broadcast throughout the Scion Empire. "Glory to Scion! I commend my comrades far and wide, fighting for a stronger humanity; Today I bring news from the frontlines. Yesterday, the 1st Imperial Armada launched Operation Retribution. At my command we engaged the ECF fleet, "Hammer of Gliese", destroying them in righteous battle. Upon this great victory, I, your Emperor, gave the final order to annihilate the ECF stronghold of Gliese... I did not come to my decision lightly my brethren. The heretics against the human brotherhood reaped their own destruction. They became a pestilence, a disease which gnaws at the very bone of who we are. Do not forget the actions of the ECF, when they wreaked havoc upon holy Earth, the cradle of humanity, the planet of God. Remember the billions of lives they took, before fleeing into the outer rims of the galaxy. Even after defeat, they chose to wage a long and arduous guerilla war against us, of which they were not successful. Over the last two decades, I have ensured safety through power. Our great Scion warriors and our unmatched military apparatus have suppressed any attempt by the ECF to return to power. Despite this, we have allowed them to live on their derelict worlds of Gliese and Biri. At any moment, we could have summoned every legion and armada to crush them! Their corrupt souls never sought peace, never sought diplomacy, never sought the enlightenment that is the Scion way of life. Yet after all the restraint shown against the survivors of the ECF, they chose to prod the lions den. Their terror attack on Scion Prime was an unforgiveable offense, mercy became impossible. In their decision to attack our heartland, they chose death. My brethren, make no mistake, our power is now unmatched, our Empire unchallenged. We are at the cusp of a new dawn for humanity. A golden age, and era of wonderous feats. The Scion Empire will propel human civilization beyond our Galaxy! Beyond three dimensions! Beyond this Universe! The technology is in our hands, to give every man, woman, and child a life of meaning and abundance; To end war once and for all, to build a lasting peace. The Universe is a treacherous place, humanity must find its seat among the stars. The weak men of the ECF and Amalgamate Republic will lead us to extinction. Yes, the rumors are true, the Amalgamate Republic have allied themselves with a vile species which has left Vone in ruins. The AR deceive themselves to believe the lies of the Awakened. But we will not falter and we shall not waiver. One by one, we shall reclaim every world taken from us, until all that is left is to claim, is the rest of the galaxy for humanity! And to this I say to the traitors of the Amalgamate Republic, lay down your arms, think of your people. Let this senseless war end, return to the fold of the human family, before you perish in your rebellion. Safety through Power. Glory to God! Glory to Scion!"

- End Transmission -

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