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Elric Returns to Ark One

2267, August 27th: Unbeknownst to the MDF, the unidentified object entering the Sol System, was Archangel. Marooned in space for several days, Elric could not return back to his father, or his sister Duntana. The destruction of Gliese was still fresh in his mind. He ran, far from the battlefield. With nowhere else to go, he returned to the only place he really knew, the Ark One facility on Mars. After all, that was his home, he was born there. Born for war, to be his father's instrument of power. As he walked through the ruins of Ark One, he came across the bones of the man who saved his life, Sgt. Graves of the 13th Imperial Scarab Company. He gave his life for Elric, before he was gunned down by Commander Gunn and his operatives. Graves was a loyal man, loyal to the Scion Empire, loyal to the Emperor. He gave his life on his fathers orders and completed his mission. Elric wondered what it was all worth.

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