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Elric Goes AWOL

2267, August 23rd: After witnessing the destruction of Gliese, something within Elric was triggered. An entire planet, the men, women, and children, destroyed before his eyes in an instant. He tried everything in his power to stop Duntana from firing the Lance of Apollo once he learned of his father's intent. He could not wrest the weapon away from her, she was dutiful and loyal to her father's commands; She would not fail. Morning Star & Archangel clashed for a moment, before Duntana bested her brother's Archnoid in combat, then proceeding to fire the kill-shot into Gliese. The tears flowed down Elric's face as the raw devastating power of the Lance was unleashed. Millions perished in the blink of an eye and Gliese shattered into a million pieces. It was at this moment Elric realized the true danger he was to the galaxy, the danger his sister was, the danger of the Firstborn legacy; One of inconceivable power, designed to subjugate all life. As the void of space and the silence of communications took hold in that frozen moment; A lone Mechanoid pilot not far could be heard in Elric's earpiece, "My God... we did it, we really did it." Elric super charged the Archangels engines and broke formation, he darted into the darkness of space, away from the battlefield, away from the carnage. A whole day had passed since. Now, he floats in space, marooned with no destination. As he falls into a deep sleep within the heart of Archangel, he receives a vision. In this vision he sees a future. Duntana sits on a crystal throne, high on a pyramid, beneath her an innumerable army; an army of Firstborn and Humans under her banner, chanting "Glory to the Queen of the Universe! Glory to the Queen of the Universe! Glory to the Queen of the Universe!"

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