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Elite Reinforcements Arrive

2267, September 3rd: The first batch of Scion Empire reinforcements arrive on Artemis within the newly established "Outpost Sokolov" on the outskirts of Colony Irene. Over the course of several weeks, the Scion Empire defenders have erected planetary defense cannons within Outpost Sokolov as a consequence of the AR resurgence. Now with elite Scion Guard reinforcements, the 3rd Conscript Division on Artemis can advance into rebel held territory, such as Hope Colony and Colony Arthur. With the PDC's ready to operate, the SE can commence a counterattack while also protecting the planet from a major AR incursion. However, before the SE can re-secure critical infrastructure on Artemis, they must first clear the Palagia forest which is marred with booby traps and seasoned guerilla fighters.

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