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ECF Study Zyther 226

2267, September 11th: ECF military scientists continue to run back to back experiments analyzing and testing the micro-quantum fluctuations of Zyther 226. It is discovered that Zyther 226 is not only more dangerous to the human body because of radiation, but it is quantumly unstable. Readings indicate that at the sub-atomic level, Zyther 226 emits high-energy rays which smash with particles in the atmosphere, generating quantum sized black holes. Though these black holes pose no threat, because they evaporate through hawking radiation faster than they can expand and consume matter. It is believed through the the model of Inter-Spatial Dynamics, developed in 2112, which builds upon General Relativity, that these tears in space time caused by black holes may be the source of inter-dimensional phenomenon. ECF military scientists begin to dub these special Zyther crystals as the "Tesseract Ways". The Tesseract Ways work much like wormholes except that, they allow for interdimensional travel as well and is suspected that they can go forward and backwards in time. Dr. Morbus Cain determines that the Archonic threat which has recently surfaced within human controlled space is nothing less than an inter-dimensional invasion. He further states that Zyther 226 appears to be a facilitator to inter-dimensional visitors, whereas Element 113 (Zyther) although high in energy, is not. He postulates that Zyther 226 will have extra-ordinary impacts for humanity, potentially even allowing for time travel. However, first they must learn how to prevent its high energy state from causing tears in space time.

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