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ECF Make Contact with Archons on Ezutania

2267, September 7th: On Ezutania Governor General Thomas Horn announces to the forces of the Earth Colonies Federation that the new Prime Minister of the Amalgamate Republic, Dr. George Williams, has issued a declaration of peace between the AR and ECF. Under the new proposal, ECF forces are free to colonize and mine resources on Ezutania without resistance from local AR settlers of the NPP's Frontier Expeditionary Pioneers; thus AR military police are stationed to keep peace and order. Furthermore, PM George Williams sends Republic scientists to collaborate with the ECF on the design and production of Zyther 226 Extractors, machines built to safely tap the Zyther 226 mounds. Soon Thomas Horn will have a vast reservoir of Zyther at his disposal, which will strengthen the economy of the ECF as well as increase their ability to project military power across the galaxy. However, over the last several days, reports of strange flying mechanical vehicles destroying outposts begin to pour in. According to Colonial Guard scouts, these flying foes are emerging from pyramidal structures deep within the Zyther fields. At the ECF Sweetwater Colony, which has now been under construction for 4 days, the civilian and military population prepare the defenses for an encounter with these mysterious raiders.

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