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Duntana Deployed

2267, September 9th: Balthazar receives a report from one of his trusted spies embedded within the AR's 1st Naval Battle Group. The remnants of the 3rd Imperial Armada have surrendered to the AR on Faust IX and Grand Scion Kuichi Bushida is in the hands of the enemy. Furthermore, the report details contact with a mysterious and hostile alien force within the Copernicus System. The report goes on to claim that the entirety of Savannah has fallen to this force and that it has attacked both the AR and SE with human elements of the Solar Blood Hands and the "followers" of Takeshi Handan. The report concludes with information that the AR's 1st Naval Battle Group and commandeered vessels of the 3rd Imperial Armada are bogged down on Faust IX in a battle against this alien force and their human allies. Although the report lacks significant detail on the "alien force', Balthazar is almost certain it is the Archons. Seeing a opportunity for intelligence gathering and to rescue the Grand Scion, Balthazar appoints Duntana for a special mission to the Savannah Sector. She will take the Morning Star Archnoid with support of the 133rd Mechanoid Squadron, nicknamed "133rd Iron Angels", to retrieve Grand Scion Bushida and the remnant of the 3rd Imperial Armada in the midst of battle; As well as to gather what knowledge she can of the real enemy. Balthazar authorizes her to use any means necessary, including negotiation to retrieve Bushida. Duntana is told by her father, "This mission will be a test of your capabilities, in all that we've prepared you for. I believe you are ready my daughter, to do what you were born to do."

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