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Disloyal Son

2267, August 29th: Mr. Handan (ハンダン), owner of Atlas Corporation, inspects his Ronin Mercenaries who have been recently equipped with Atlas Corporation's latest armor, Mercer Armor, set to phase out the older Ronin armor system. He has tasked Hoshi-san (ホシさん), one of his senior most Samurai and advisors to lead an operation against his traitorous son. Although Mr. Handan intends to annihilate his less loyal servants which joined his sons cause, his love for his son will not allow him to harm him. He instructs Hoshi-san to "be merciless against his followers" but for his sake, to "spare my son and bring him home". With this order Hoshi-san departs from Scion Prime with the Atlas Corporation fleet "Handan Strength (ハンダンの強さ)" and heads for Takeshi Handan's personal space station situated near the Joss system.

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