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2267, September 8th: Deep behind enemy lines, Disciple 88 approaches the villa of the Governor of Thalia. The agri-world of Thalia has been mostly unaffected by the conflict. Under the cover of darkness, they begin their near suicide mission handed down from the director of SER himself. Approaching the villa from the outlying marshes, they can see within their sights Governor Lyndon Hall drinking a glass of Champaign with his wife, Lisa Hall. A small contingent of Imperial Scion Guard protect the perimeter. All is quiet, the critters of the marshes murmur, D88 takes firing positions. Then Cpt. De La Guardia gives the orders to execute. The perimeter guards drop dead after precise shots pierce their armor and skulls. Governor Hall is unaware, but most of his security force has just been killed; Oblivious, he continues to flirt with his wife under the aura of jazz-like music. D88, prepares to enter the villa from all directions. Like the shadow of death, they move unseen and come unexpectedly to the remaining guards. As D88 moves up to the families' quarters, they find their daughter and son, Jake and Samantha Hall; They abduct them and place mouth dampeners around their faces. Finally, D88 reaches the terrace where the Governor and his wife remain. Hall hears a door open. "Ah, Berry, fetch my wife and I another drink will ya?" But there was no response. "Berry?" Governor Hall turned around to the sight of his dead guards and his children held at gun point. Cpt. De La Guardia slowly approached the terrified Governor, who just dropped his glass of Champaign. His wife, wide eyed and terrified, urinated herself as the Cpt. placed a gun to her neck with one hand, and silenced her screams with the other. Governor Hall stood frozen, he begged for his life and that of his family, "I'll give you anything," he said. Cpt. De La Guardia responded, "Good, because if you want to see them alive that's exactly what you'll do. You're going to take us to Scion Prime."

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