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Desperate Measures

2267, June 9th: On June 9th, AR high command raised the nuclear preparedness level to DEFCON 1 on Mara 9. It was decided that multiple SE targets would be struck with nuclear weapons as retaliation for SE insurrectionists attacking the city of Novos Caldan, kidnapping 2 AR Senators, and killing one, with the help of the IDI. 3 ICBM silos were prepared to launch their nuclear arsenals at multiple targets including SE transports, FOB's, and cruisers docked at regional space ports. Due to TT-A3 (the nuclear shield defense tower) being destroyed days earlier during construction, the SE were forced to send in special forces in an attempt to breach and destroy the silos. One silo was destroyed using an orbital strike designated by special forces, however they failed to breach and destroy the remaining two silos. As a result, the cruisers S.E.S Magali & S.E.S Cornelius were destroyed. Transports S.E.S Thompson, S.E.S Icarus, & S.E.S Iridium destroyed. Lack of ICBM's meant FOB Zulu was sparred, but those stationed surrendered to the AR. Overall it is estimated that 1,842 ship personnel were killed as well as 980 combat personnel - 5,379 SE loyalist insurrectionists are estimated to have been killed.

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