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Denis Turgenev

2267, August 26th: AR Senator Denis Turgenev of the Independent Colonies Party refutes the claims of the Scion Empire that their citizens on Savanah have been living in "abject poverty". He labels the news as "disinformation tactics" aimed at "stripping the credulity of the Amalgamate Republic". Turgenev goes on to state that prior to declaring independence the frontier worlds had been neglected for almost half a decade after those labeled "criminals" for demanding freedom were exiled to these destinations. The AR, he claims, has been doing everything in their power to provide resources and programs to lift the people of Savannah out of poverty. Turgenev assures the media that the rest of the AR colonies are not living in such conditions and that the SE "have only made life harder for the Savannahites" through their military actions against the colony.

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