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Defenders of Humanity

2267, September 10th: Under the cover of darkness, the 79th Regiment of Militia begin to evacuate the stranded civilians within Avonia. Col. Smith leads the first party consisting of men, women, and children. They sneak past the Shari patrols, who are scanning the ruins intently, as if searching for something of great value. As they reach the city walls, they come to an impasse, as the gate is guarded by two hulking Shari Zulxi members. With two long pole arms they ensure the no one can leave. At their feet, lie the bodies of those who have tried to escape. SER Agent Myers, a revenant, volunteers to take on the Zulxi so the party can try to make a run for it. The lone revenant activates his cloak and enters into a firing position within an abandoned tower. He fires at the head of one the Zulxi, but his round ricochets off the armor; So, he unleashes a hail of bullets in desperation. As the Shari Zulxi warriors are distracted, Col. Smith and the party escape through the gate. As they run further from the gate, they can here the rounds of Agent Myers become fainter, until silence befalls the night. Myers was killed by the Zulxi, but the party made it out. Col. Smith activates the distress beacon, contacting the 10th Mobile Corps. After hours in the icy wastelands of Joss, Col Smith, his men, and the survivors are finally rescued by the 10th Mobile Corps. As he boards the Raptor, he laments the death of Agent Myers, but knows that his sacrifice was not in vain. Because of him, they're alive, and the woman in the back of the dropship who traversed hell with her infant child can see the light of day. Col. Smith thought to himself and realized, it's because of men like Myers that the Republic lives on despite the odds.

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